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The Hierarchical Taxonomy of Psychopathology


Billing With HiTOP

Billing with HiTOP based assessment is possible. Reimbursement is often tied to ICD codes (i.e., an ICD diagnostic code must be submitted for an encounter for clinician to be paid). Every diagnostic grouping in ICD includes an "unspecified" category for cases that do not meet the diagnostic criteria for a specific disorder within that grouping or for patients for whom clinicians choose not to provide a specific code. Thus, the appropriate "unspecified" categories that correspond to the patient's presenting symptoms can be used to meet administrative requirements. For example, the HiTOP Clinical Translation Workgroup has developed a HiTOP-ICD crosswalk to provide suggested cross-walk between HiTOP elements and ICD codes. This crosswalk has not been validated and should be used at the discretion and expert opinion of the treating clinician.

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