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The Hierarchical Taxonomy of Psychopathology


Current Model

Official HiTOP Working Model

You can right-click the image above to download a copy, or click here to download an editable PowerPoint file of the current model. The figure was published under a CC BY 4.0 license on the OSF: https://osf.io/rscqf

To read more about revisions that have been made since the baseline model was published in Kotov et al. (2017), you can visit our OSF page: https://osf.io/8h7m6/. To understand more about the process of how and why revisions are made to the model, visit the Revisions Workgroup page.

Caroline Balling has also created a handy resource to learn more about how the core HiTOP spectra relate to constructs in other approaches, including the Five Factor Model, the Alternative Model of Personality Disorders, Personality Disorders in the ICD-11, and RDoC: https://osf.io/tp2mq/

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