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The Hierarchical Taxonomy of Psychopathology


Normal Personality Workgroup

This workgroup is currently inactive and seeking a new Chair. Please Contact Us if you are interested in this role.


Charter includes (a) explicating the role of normal personality in HiTOP, (b) providing the cross-walk between these domains, and (c) outlining mechanisms of these relations.



Aidan G.C. Wright
Aaron Pincus
Ashley Watts
Colin DeYoung
David M Condon
David Watson
Donald R. Lynam
Douglas B. Samuel
Gina Rossi
Jennifer L. Tackett
Joshua D. Miller
Kasey Stanton
Katherine Thomas
Kevin King
Kristian Markon
Lee Anna Clark
Martin Sellbom
Michael Chmielewski
Nicholas R. Eaton
Robert Krueger
Roman Kotov
Scott D. Blain
Stephanie N. Mullins-Sweatt
Susan C. South

Workgroup Outputs

Adler, J. M., & Clark, L. A. (2019). Incorporating narrative identity into structural approaches to personality and psychopathology. Journal of Research in Personality, 82, 103857.

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Current Projects/Opportunities to get involved

1. Establishing Cutoff Points for Adaptive and Maladaptive Personality Trait Domains (project with Thomas A. Widiger)
2. Alternative Facet Models for the Five Factor Model of Personality (project with Stephanie Mullins-Sweatt)

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