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The Hierarchical Taxonomy of Psychopathology


Quantitative Methods Workgroup


The charter focuses on studying empirical methods relevant to delineating, testing, and exploring quantitative models of psychopathology.  Such methods will involve applications to both real and simulated data, and tests of internal structure and the external validity of such structures, depending on the specific project. Example foci will include (A) methods for delineating comprehensive hierarchies of individual differences; (B) methods for adjudicating among alternative models of latent variable structure; (C) methods for integrating novel assessment approaches into the study of psychopathology structure.


Robert F. Krueger & Irwin D. Waldman

Robert F. KruegerIrwin D. Waldman

Krueger (left), Waldman (right)


Aidan Wright
Andrea Fossati
Antonella Somma
Ashley L. Greene
Ashley Watts
Benjamin L Hankin
Christopher Conway
Christopher J. Patrick
Conal Monaghan
Craig Neumann
Daniel Moriarity
David Preece
Eliza Kramer
Holly Levin-Aspenson
James Prisciandaro
Jason Oliver
Johannes Zimmermann
John D. Haltigan
Justin Luningham
Kamran Afzali
Katherine Keyes
Keanan Joyner
Kelsie Forbush
Kevin King
Kristin Gainey
Lauren A. Rutter
Marina Bornovalova
Martin Sellbom
Masha Ivanova
Michael Chmielewski
Michael Dretsch
Miriam Forbes
Nicholas J. Wagner
Nicholas R. Eaton
Richard E Zinbarg
Robert Latzman
Roman Kotov
Sam Cooper
Susan South
Sylia Wilson
Thomas Olino

Workgroup Outputs

Waldman, I. D., King, C. D., Poore, H. E., Luningham, J. M., Zinbarg, R. M., Krueger, R. F., Markon, K. E., Bornovalova, M., Chmielewski, M., Conway, C., Dretsch, M., Eaton, N., Forbes, M. K., Forbush, K., Gainey, K., Greene, A. L., Haltigan, J. D., Ivanova, M., Joyner, K., Keyes, K. M., King, K. M., Kotov, R., Levin-Aspenson, H., Olino, T., Oliver, J. A., Patrick, C. J., Preece, D., Rutter, L. A., Sellbom, M., South, S., Wagner, N. J., Watts, A. L., Wilson, S., Wright, A. G. C., & Zald, D. (2022). Recommendations for Adjudicating Among Alternative Structural Models of Psychopathology. Clinical Psychological Science. Preprint

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